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The eForm solution | Today, with the overwhelming use of the internet, more and more businesses are streamlining their workflows by converting paper documents to time-saving digital documents. However, when it comes to your company’s business forms, not just any electronic forms solution will do. You need a solution that will maintain the exact look and feel of your original paper forms while enabling users to save forms on their hard drives, fill them in anytime, anywhere and on any computer,* and submit them back to you, electronically.

Let’s face it, the digital era is changing the way businesses to business. Faxing paper forms to your customers or employees is no longer the preferred method of collecting user information. And if you’re still using electronic forms that require users to complete by hand, then you’re missing out on the latest advancements in technology that could help make your job a lot easier, and more efficient.

So, why deal with messy handwritten forms, when you can have 100% legible text? And why spend valuable resources producing and mailing paper-forms when you can send and collect the same forms practically for free?

If you’re searching for an easier, more efficient and cost-effective way to distribute, collect, and process everyday forms, we have the perfect affordable solution: Fillable PDF eForms.

* With Adobe Reader® software making it all possible, your electronic form solution is always at your fingerprints – specifically tailored to meet your company’s everyday workflow needs.

Creating an eForm from scratch is the best option for eForm development when professional quality, form dynamics, future editing capabilities, and/or form data binding/handling is desired, or necessary.

This robust option involves taking your existing paper-based form(s) and completely transforming it – from the ground up – into a highly efficient interactive document while maintaining the overall look and feel of the original layout.

For more on how we create Designer eForms, visit:

Professional Quality: Unlike developing an eForm as described in option 2 below, developing an eForm from scratch ensures your electronic form is produced with the highest possible output quality. This is made possible by ensuring all form content is simple and clean, contained within the appropriate margins on the page, and is 100% legible for both on and off-screen viewing and printing.

Editable Form Content: Unlike developing an eForm as described in option 2 below, developing an eForm for scratch ensures your form’s content can be edited whenever necessary.

If your form content changes on a periodic basis, or simply needs modifying from time-to-time (e.g. typo corrections, text additions, graphic improvements, etc.), then creating an eForm form scratch is your best option to ensure such changes can be made without costly fees and/or delays in the future.

Form Dynamics: A dynamic form, vs a static form, can automatically adjust its layout to accommodate different amounts of data. Whether the form “expands” or “contracts” generally depends on one of two variables:

Data Binding: In short, data binding is the process of connecting one or more form objects (i.e. a text field) to specific elements in an XML data file or “schemas”. Schemas are used to provide the structural framework required when working with back-end database systems (output), or when merging data with the form (input).

Although most of the eForms we produce do not require data binding, it is often necessary in order to meet all the stringent requirements of an enterprise database system (i.e. Microsoft Excel®, Access®, MySQL, etc.)

The amount of data that is merged into the form by an external

source (i.e. a data file or database)

The amount of data that a user enters as they complete the

form (at runtime)

By designing eForms from scratch, we are able to create a specific look and feel and know that it will be consistent throughout the entire document regardless of the amount of data that the form needs to accommodate.

Dynamic form features include:

Data Binding Example:

Pagination: Your form can be one, two, or multiple pages

depending on the data supplied

Layout: Form fields and form sections can be visible, hidden,

or changed based on user input (e.g. by checking a box).

Field Areas: Form fields, such as Comment Sections, can grow based on the amount of content supplied by the user. This feature is not possible with Standard Acrobat eForms due to their static nature.

As an alternative to creating an eForm from scratch, we can transform your paper-based form(s) into an interactive document by simply adding fillable form fields/elements on-top-of the existing layout.

Although less-expensive to produce, creating an eForm in this fashion has its limitations (while still being highly effective). If you’re not heavily concerned with form quality, form dynamics, and/or the ability to edit form content in the future (as discussed in Option 1, above), then our Standard eForm Development could be the perfect eForm solution for your needs.

Creating a Standard eForm involves taking your existing paper-based or electronic-based form (i.e. a MS Word or Excel document), converting it to PDF, then adding fillable form elements on-top-of the background image. Standard features such as text fields, check boxes and radio buttons are added in the exact locations as shown on the original form, while other features such as drop-down menus and lists can be added to increase efficiency.

Upon completion, Standard eForms can be opened, completed, saved (optional), printed and/or submitted by anyone using free Abode Reader*.

*Minimum version required.

For more on how we create

Standard eForms, visit:

Our fillable PDF eForms for mobile devices (such as iPad®/iPhone®, Microsoft® Surface® Pro, and Android-based tablets) are helping an increasing number of business professionals access and complete important, time-sensitive, documents on-the-go. Similar to a desktop experience, our fillable PDF eForms for mobile devices are sure to help you, and/or your customers, access and complete everyday business-related forms with ease and efficiency.

Like our Designer and Standard eForms, our eForms for mobile devices offer various time-saving elements and features (i.e. pre-populated drop-down menus, auto-field population, pre-programmed email submit button, mathematical calculations, etc.) – all at the touch of your fingertips!** And even better, with integrated features like voice dictation on the new iPad®, completing forms hands-free couldn’t be simpler.

As for cross-platform capabilities, our eForms for mobile devices can be used on any desktop/laptop computer (Mac® and/or Windows®) prior to, or after, mobile device integration.**

So, whether you’re a field inspector completing reports with annotations, or a physical therapist recording patient information via voice dictation, you’re sure to enjoy the freedom, convenience, and efficiency of using our fillable PDF eForms for mobile devices.

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