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DESIGNER: Your original forms are recreated from scratch to ensure the highest level of form quality and functionality. Ideal for forms that will/could change often in the future. Advanced features available (e.g. expanding text fields, skip logic, etc.).

STANDARD: Your existing forms are transformed into fillable PDF eForms (note: your forms are not recreated from scratch, nor edited). Interactive form elements (e.g. text fields, check boxes, drop-down menus, etc.) are added to the original forms as required. Not ideal for forms that change often. Original documents provided should be of best possible quality.

MOBILE DEVICE COMPATIBLE: A 2-step process designed to make your business forms compatible with common mobile devices (e.g. iPhone®, iPad®, Android®, and devices running Windows® Pro).* Step 1 includes making your form(s) fillable using our Designer or Standard eForm development process, as noted above. Step 2 includes document conversion and programming for your mobile device.

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